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A.S. Penn's "Old Stones, The Biography of a Family"

A.S. Penne's "Reckoning"

A.S. Penne took her family background for granted, until the day she began to question her own identity. Where did she belong?

In search of understanding she turned to her parents, probing their memories of a now distant youth – her mother’s upper-class English and her father’s working-class Canadian upbringing. Their Second World War meeting and love affair led to a marriage that almost ended in tragedy before it began.

The huge gap between Penne’s English and Canadian heritage is explored in stories about the family from both continents in the fresh and unusual biography. A. S. Penne writes with emotional force and engaging honesty.


In Reckoning, A.S. Penne scrutinizes the all-too-human desire to be understood and known by others before first understanding and knowing oneself.

“Summer About to Happen” reveals a teenager’s first foray into the realm of desire, which ends in a shock as she understands her fantasy love will never materialize. The father in “A Different Kind of Wanting” struggles to come to terms with the death of a son he never learned to accept.

The characters in Reckoning are adrift, reluctant to fully engage in their lives. Eventually, through a tumult of conflicting emotions, they come to a reckoning point and are forced to accept culpability for refusing to meet life and love head-on.

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